What Is sellbee?

Internet marketing FOR EVERYONE

SELLBEE enables businesses of all sizes to run amazing Internet marketing campaigns that perform. We use premier platforms, sites and apps like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, CNN, The Weather Channel and hundreds of others to . 



Starting for as little as $20 a day, your business could be in front of millions of clients across the US or just a few key individuals in a specific ZIP code.

Using our patent-pending campaign intelligence to seamlessly connect multiple ad platforms, combined with our skilled marketers and highly evolved processes. SELLBEE is the first to deliver a true multi platform digital advertising offering that any business can utilize or afford. 

With SELLBEE you now have an opportunity to use the same tools as the best brands,  access to the same scale, the same targeting and to get the same superior results.


Quick and Easy To Use

You are a busy bee. Marketing is only one of many critical tasks you need to do. We make it quick and easy to get started and free up your time from constant campaign monitoring needed and deliver top performing digital advertising.  

Complete the short form, attach an image of your product or service. SELLBEE will do the rest;

  • We design and produce your ads,
  • Setup your targeting,
  • Select and activate intelligent ad platforms to deliver your ads to the right people,
  • Continuously monitor your campaigns and optimize as needed,
  • We deliver a post campaign wrap up report so you can clear see your results.

Where will my advertising BEE SEEN?

We target your advertising to key internet sites many of which you already know and visit.

The SELLBEE Intelligence Engine reviews your entries on the "BEESEEN Form" and targets right sites from hundreds of thousands of different websites being viewed by millions of people to choose the right person and website for your advertisement.

 thousands of websites available to you, here are a few of them:

How will my advertising look?

Here are examples of advertising we've created: